Small Claims

Reliable Service of Process for Small Claims

  • Small claims court-compliant process serving
  • Online client portal for easy-access status updates
  • Photo documentation & GPS tracking on all attempts
  • Skip tracing & nationwide services available

Recover Debt With Expert Process Serving in the Twin Cities

For business owners, the bottom line is the bottom line, and waiting to reclaim debts isn’t an option. When a client, customer, or guest doesn’t honor their debt or pay their bills, taking legal action may become necessary.

When pursuing a small claims case, it is crucial that you file all paperwork with the correct court and notify the debtor of the lawsuit. The law may be on your side, but you have to make sure everything down to the service of process is handled to the fullest legal and professional compliance standards.

At Pro Legal Support Services, guaranteed proper delivery of all legal documents is our specialty. Meet the courts' exact service standards with a team of professionals with nearly 30 years of experience serving throughout the Twin Cities metro and the state of Minnesota!

Trusted Leaders in Small Claims Service of Process

Our years on the job and commitment to flawless process serving have earned us a valued reputation with attorneys, paralegals, businesses, and individuals seeking service. Whether filing papers at the courthouse or serving the defendant, our guarantee is to deliver your documents as accurately and efficiently as possible every time.

To request our rapid services, simply submit our request form. Our team will contact you within just a few minutes to confirm the request and begin the process.

You have enough on your plate, so let our team move your case forward by taking the worry out of serving. For additional questions, message us online.

Right Sharp Solid Icon Effortless Communication

Not only do we initiate quick contact with you on receipt of a request, we maintain that efficient communication. You’ll receive daily status updates and be informed as every service attempt is made.

All attempts are GPS tracked and include photo documentation, so you have few risks of having your case dismissed due to poor or unconfirmed service.

You are also welcome to retrieve status reports, photos, and other documentation anytime through our online client portal, which securely stores your artifacts indefinitely.

Right Sharp Solid Icon E-Filing & Courthouse Delivery

Time is of the essence when serving and filing, so use our servers to file documents in any Minnesota claims court.

Our attentive runners will file your documents with the correct court, update you on status reports, and return conformed copies to you electronically.

For added punctuality, use our e-filing services. Upload your documents and let our team verify their progress for you, letting you know immediately when the court has accepted your paperwork.

Right Sharp Solid Icon Nationwide Solutions

Worried an individual who owes you money has skipped town or has moved out of Minnesota? No problem!

Our professionals offer skip tracing services to track down those seeking to evade or avoid, and our reliable nationwide network means an individual will be served no matter where they may be located.

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