Personal Injury

Transparent Service of Process for Personal Injury Cases

  • Serving locally, statewide, and nationwide since 1995
  • Efficient, unbiased, third-party process servers
  • Court filing & service of process to exact court regulations
  • Attempts documented with photos & GPS tracking

Twin Cities Experts in Personal Injury Claims Process Serving

From medical malpractice lawsuits to car accidents or slip-and-fall suits, the journey to recovery physically and financially can be full of challenges. Ensure that at least one part of the legal process is simplified: service of process.

When filing legal documents with the court, let our team e-file or run the paperwork to the court while following all rules and regulations.

When it’s time to notify all involved parties of the lawsuit, let our professional process servers deliver the proper papers, document the attempts, and even file the proof of delivery with the court.

As an unbiased third party, our servers do their job quickly, reliably, and professionally, so there are no snags or hiccups as you prepare your case.

Guaranteed Commitment to Fast, Accurate Service of Process

Since 1995, Pro Legal Support Services has dedicated the time and expertise to delivering legal paperwork expeditiously while carefully adhering to the letter of the law. No matter where in the Twin Cities, the state of Minnesota, or across the nation, our team has the reach and knowledge to serve anywhere.

Read our testimonials to see why individuals and legal teams have been relying on us for process serving for nearly 30 years!

Right Sharp Solid Icon Consistent Communication

Upon receiving your request, we prioritize establishing immediate communication and upholding a commitment to outstanding correspondence throughout the process. Expect to be apprised of progress with daily updates, and after each service attempt, we will promptly notify you.

If you have questions or need to modify a request, simply contact us or leave a message through our client portal. Our team will respond within just a few minutes.

Right Sharp Solid Icon Easy-Access Technology

Each attempt is meticulously GPS-tracked and accompanied by photographic evidence, minimizing risks of case dismissal due to substandard or unverified service.

To view the attempts, you have the convenience of accessing status reports, photographs, and relevant documentation at any time through our secure online client portal that preserves your records indefinitely.

Right Sharp Solid Icon Fast E-Filing & Courthouse Delivery

With the clock ticking in legal proceedings, trust our process servers to expediently deliver and file your documents in any personal injury court throughout Minnesota. Our dedicated couriers ensure that filings are submitted to the appropriate court, providing you with regular status updates and electronically returning endorsed copies.

Enhance your filing efficiency with our e-filing solutions — simply upload your documents, and our team will monitor their advancement, promptly notifying you upon court acceptance.

Move Your Personal Injury Suit Forward With Support

Let Pro Legal Support Services help push your suit on with timely, accurate process serving. See how our process can shape your case, and don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on how we can help you.

When you’re ready to file, just fill out and submit our online request form. Then our experts will get in touch with you within minutes to verify your request and start the serving process.

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