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Serving Eviction Notices in the Twin Cities

  • Eviction requests served with attention to legal accuracy
  • Efficient & reliable services with regular status updates
  • Unparalleled communication & respectfulness in serving
  • Local process serving with flat-rate pricing by county


As a property manager, attorney, or landlord, you have enough on your plate when maintaining your properties, and the task of evicting a tenant can seem overwhelming. When proper service of eviction papers is needed, let our trusted servers help.

Many states require a sheriff or professional process server to serve the eviction notice, and using an impartial third party ensures correct service and proof of delivery. You also better your chances of avoiding conflict and keeping a court proceeding on track if required.

Pro Legal’s process servers are well-versed in the legal requirements of serving eviction notices, especially within the state of Minnesota, and use technology effectively to provide proof of service to make the eviction process easier on you.

Confidently Handle the Eviction Process

When evicting a tenant in Minnesota, a landlord or property manager may file an eviction lawsuit as soon as a tenant stops paying rent, pays rent late, or violates the lease agreement. There is no requirement to give a tenant notice before beginning the eviction process. Once a tenant has been served with an eviction notice, they may choose to leave the property, comply with the notice, or file an affidavit.

Following a legal eviction process is crucial, and if the tenant you are trying to evict files an affidavit, you will be responsible for proving to a court that the steps you took in the summary eviction process were completed correctly.

That’s where our team can help you. Our process ensures that your eviction notices are properly served up to all local legal regulations as efficiently as possible.

Right Sharp Solid IconProfessional Standards

Serving eviction notices is often a serious, sensitive, and emotional process and involves a great deal of care from servers. Pro Legal servers recognize the difficulty in this task and go the extra mile to show respectfulness and professionalism when serving eviction papers.

Right Sharp Solid IconTimely Service

There can be no waiting around or finding the “right” time to serve an eviction notice. That’s why our process begins with an immediate response to your request, and our servers prioritize performing their duties as expeditiously as possible.

Right Sharp Solid IconLegal Knowledge

Our process servers are well-trained and knowledgeable on all the legal requirements of serving eviction notices. We pride ourselves on delivering error-free service that follows all local laws and regulations.

Right Sharp Solid IconDocumenting Technology

Our servers document as they make attempts and complete process services. From GPS tracking and photo documentation to up-to-the-minute status reports, serving an eviction notice will be appropriately administered with proof of delivery that you can access through our online portal anytime.


From law firms to private landlords, our services have been chosen repeatedly in the Twin Cities due to our consistency, efficiency. and attention to detail. Don’t believe us? Read our testimonials to see why people rely on us every day.

Submit your request today by filling out our Online Service Request form, and our team will get back to you in just a few minutes. If you have any questions about our services, don’t hesitate to contact us online or call 612-860-5844.

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