COVID 19 UPDATE - 03/27/2020

Pro Legal will remain open.

Pro Legal will remain open.

Pro Legal will remain open. Pro Legal will remain open. Pro Legal will remain open.


All service requests sent via email during regular business hours will always receive a reply from a live person within 5 minutes or less confirming your request. Always available by phone as well at 612.860.5844 if you would like to call us directly or if service is needed after hours.

"After years of looking for the right process server, we finally found it in Pro Legal.  Their reliable service is top notch and the communication is superb.  Pro Legal goes out of their way to make our jobs easier."  

                                     ~ Amanda B., Heimerl & Lammers



This is our area of expertise, you can rest assured knowing that the server handling your case will have the experience and knowledge to execute your request to it's exact specification without missing a step.

“We have been using Pro Legal for our service of process for over 15 years.   Service is always done quickly and efficiently and they always go the extra  mile to get the job done.”  

~ Selena A., Terry, Slane & Ruohenen TSR.


Let us monitor the service for you

You most likely already have plenty on your plate each day to take care of as is, worrying about your Process Server should not be one of them. We will keep you updated every step of the way from start to finish.

"We have been working with Prolegal for 5+ years and wouldn’t go anywhere else for our litigation process services.  Their updated software makes it a 2 second task to check the status of any process service needs.  These guys are all around great!"  

~ Jenny Olson, attorney at Schwebel Goetz and Sieben

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If you would like to add attachments please email us directly at SERVICE@PROLEGALMN.COM


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