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  • Specializing in service of process since 1995
  • Covering the state of Minnesota & nationwide
  • Unparalleled communication, detail, & speed
  • Attempts made with up-to-the-minute live status

Submit Your Request Confidently

Start any legal support service, from immediate process serving to convenient e-filing, by submitting an online service request. No matter how complicated or specific your request is, our servers will follow it to the letter, ensuring all legal requirements are met.

Up-To-The Minute Live Status

Upon submitting your request, you’ll receive an email confirmation and follow-up from our experts within three minutes or less (during business hours). As your request is being served or filed, our team will keep you informed with daily status updates emailed right to you and live status reporting as needed.

Enhanced Technology for Easy Documentation

As part of our status updates, our team documents as we go. All process service attempts are made according to your exact specifications, and we will provide GPS tracking coordinates, photo documentation, and notes as needed, so your case can proceed with no hiccups.

If you need to change or add to a request, simply log into your client portal and message us with the update. We’ll honor it immediately.

24/7/365 Online Storage

After we’ve completed your request, you’ll receive a notification, but the paperwork isn’t forgotten after that. Through our free client portal, you can access any of your requests, documents, affidavits, invoices, and notes indefinitely.

Immediate Next Step Services

If completing your request becomes difficult due to an individual being hard to find or who avoids service, our experts will notify you and immediately offer our skip tracing services to track down the individual. Our nationwide network allows us to serve papers anywhere in the country, so service is always within reach.

Courthouse & E-Filing Services

Once your documents are ready to file, let our courthouse and e-filing services file them for you efficiently and accurately. Regardless of your preferred method of filing, our service is quick, precise, and unparalleled by anyone in the industry.

Start Your Service of Process Request Today

Submit your request today, and we’ll start the process of serving or filing it immediately. Our experts work tirelessly to ensure error-free delivery of all documents, no matter how specific they are or where in the country they need to go.

For questions or more information on how our team can help you streamline your cases and boost efficiency, feel free to contact us online or call 612-860-5844 anytime.

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