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Dedicated Service of Process in the Twin Cities & Nationwide

People move around more than ever in this day and age, which means process services have had to keep up with the constant mobility of individuals. Fortunately, the experts at Pro Legal have created an all-encompassing network across the country that can expeditiously locate and serve individuals no matter where they are.

Confidently Serve Documents in Any State

The high quality of our service doesn’t change just because an individual isn’t within the Twin Cities metro area. You can still expect instant communication and up-to-the-minute status reports from our servers even as your documents are being served in California, Maine, or Florida.

Our nearly 30 years of experience have made us a trusted source for new and repeat law firms and clients because we stay dedicated to providing consistent updates and solution-driven results.

Fill out our request form anytime you need service of process, and our team will typically respond in three minutes or less during business hours. If you have questions, please call 612-860-5844 or contact us online, and our experts will help you identify the services you need, locate individuals, and properly serve documents following all legal requirements and special instructions.

Right Sharp Solid IconDependable Network

Our company maintains a nationwide network that connects with process servers in every state. Serving subpoenas, complaints, divorce papers, and more anywhere in the country is an option, and our team ensures all documents are served with the utmost accuracy and professionalism.

Right Sharp Solid IconSophisticated Technology

From GPS tracking coordinates to regular status updates emailed directly to you, our professionals keep you up to date and on track with your cases. Our technology allows for instant communication and direct access to your documents whenever you need them.

Right Sharp Solid IconSkip Tracing Services

When an individual is hard to locate or attempts to avoid service, let our professionals provide you with skip tracing services. Along with to-the-minute updates, our skip traces use reliable methods that ensure even hard-to-find individuals get served.

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