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Meet All the Rules When Serving Divorce Documents

Getting a divorce or legal annulment is not only emotionally challenging, but comes with legal parameters that have to be met. It is always recommended to research divorce laws in Minnesota and seek legal counsel as you prepare for the separation and divorce of your spouse.

After filing for divorce, the second party must be served with those papers. In the state of Minnesota, there are two service options: mailing the documents or having them served by a professional process server or sheriff. While some spouses may cooperate, accept the papers, and sign off on receiving them, other situations can be more difficult.

When individuals won’t accept mailed divorce papers, are uncooperative, become hard to find, or are in a special circumstance (like being in prison), you should work with a trusted service or process company like Pro Legal to ensure delivery and smooth the road for divorce.

Why Use a Process Server to Serve Divorce Papers?

You don’t want to bog down the proceedings when getting a divorce, so working with a professional process server ensures accurate and timely delivery of all legal documents. Our process servers go above and beyond for error-free service you can track, see digital confirmation of, and rely on to be delivered following all legal regulations.

Right Sharp Solid IconEnsure Legality

Our professionals are well trained in the local and state legal regulations for process serving of divorce papers. Our team provides proof of attempts and photo documentation if necessary and completes an affidavit of service for you that proves to the court the service of process.

Right Sharp Solid IconComplete Service Quickly

Once all your documents are filed and you request they be served, our servers move promptly to honor your request. Our attempts are made within 1-3 business days and documented for you and the court. We will perform multiple attempts as needed as quickly as possible.

Right Sharp Solid IconSkip Tracing

For those individuals who are hard to track down, our professionals offer skip tracing services. Using various methods and technology, we identify new home addresses, places of employment, or other locating factors to find and serve those who have moved or attempt to avoid being served.

Right Sharp Solid IconNationwide Delivery

If an individual has moved out of state, our team taps our vast nationwide network and helps you set up service anywhere in the country.

Pro Legal Is Here for Divorce Process Serving

With nearly 30 years of experience, the pros at Pro Legal Support Services have taken the stress out of serving divorce papers. Whether you are working with a law firm or filing for divorce yourself, our services provide exceptional delivery that moves your case forward.

See why we’ve earned the respect and repeat business from law firms and individuals throughout the Twin Cities in our testimonials. Then, request our service by filling out and submitting our form.

For more information on our process services or to ask questions on how we can help you, feel free to contact us online or call 612-860-5844.

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