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Professional Courthouse Services From the City to Federal Level

Time is always the most crucial element when it comes to serving and filing. To keep your cases on track, use our servers to file documents in any Minnesota court at any level.

Our dedicated runners can file your documents with the correct court, provide updates, and return conformed copies to you electronically for added punctuality.

File Faster & Store Documents Indefinitely With Our E-Filing Services

For even speedier filing, rely on our e-filing services. When you request to e-file through us, we make the process as simple for you as possible.

  • Upload your documents: Let us check your filings to make sure they are filled in and formatted correctly and use the standards of the specific court you are submitting to.
  • Verify your progress: Through our client portal, you can check the status of your filings, know when they have been accepted by the court, and maintain a record of the filing indefinitely.

Our experts help you save time by filing faster with e-filing and supporting accuracy in your documents. You can trust a smoother process that moves your cases forward with fewer road roadblocks.

You may even find that our fast and accurate e-filing services can help you scale up your caseload.

Right Sharp Solid IconAdditional Electronic Services

Make your life and job easier with additional services that can be completed in record time digitally. Our electronic services also include e-signatures, e-notary, and e-recording.

Right Sharp Solid IconClient Portal Storage

After submitting a filing request, set up your client portal and track the progress of your documents. Plus, our portal allows you to add notes or requests within the system in case you need to update anything, and you can keep all documents stored in your portal for as long as you want.

Stay Up-to-Date With Pro Legal’s Courthouse Services

Whether you want to file documents directly to a courthouse or you prefer using our e-filing system, our trusted services help you file faster and more accurately than ever. Contact us with questions about how e-filing works or how our process can make you even more efficient, or call 612-860-5844.

When you’re ready to start filing, simply request our courthouse services and upload your documents. Our experts will respond to you within three minutes, and your request will be started.

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