No public business shall be transacted on any holiday, except in cases of necessity and except in cases of public business transacted by the legislature, nor shall any civil process be served thereon. Minn. Stat. 645.44 (Subd. 5)

Falls on a Sunday

When New Year's Day, Independence Day, Veterans Day, or Christmas Day falls on a Sunday, the following day shall be a holiday and, provided, when New Years Day, Independence Day, Veterans Day or Christmas Day falls on a Saturday, the preceding day shall be a holiday.


* January 1st, New Years Day
* 3rd Monday in January, Martin Luther King's Birthday
* 3rd Monday in February, Washington's and Lincoln's Birthday
* Last Monday in May, Memorial Day
* July 4th, Independence Day
* 1st Monday in September, Labor Day
* 2nd Monday in October, Christopher Columbus Day
* November 11th, Veterans Day
* 4th Thursday in November, Thanksgiving Day
* December 25th, Christmas Day

Non Holiday Holidays

For the executive branch of the state of Minnesota, "holiday" also includes the Friday after Thanksgiving but does not include Christopher Columbus Day. Other branches of state government and political subdivisions shall have the option of determining whether Christopher Columbus Day and the Friday after Thanksgiving shall be holidays.

Where it is determined that Columbus Day or the Friday after Thanksgiving is not a holiday, public business may be conducted thereon.